I was recently invited by EMP to talk to the lovely Buckcherry and New Years Day about their  new albums, style and more…

It’s been a pleasure to have been asked to present a lot recently. I guess people have realised I can talk for England, and I’m not complaining!

Music and fashion are two of my passions which have led to my styling career, I studied both music and fashion design to get to this point. Which in turn has led me to style music videos and artists for magazines etc…

In a fun turn of events over the past few years, I’ve been asked to present and feature on camera quite a bit which has led me to a new career; presenting. If you check out my other blog posts on here you can see more examples.

Below are two new videos I’ve worked on for merchandise giant EMP recently where they invited me to interview the amazing New Years Day and Buckcherry.

I hope you like them!