Melissa make fruity smelling shoes and accessories out of recycled plastic.

So for starters – that’s rad.

Secondly, their products all smell like fruits…! Oh yeah, I already said that, but it’s pretty ace.

They have just launched a collaboration with everyone’s favourite Cat; Hello Kitty. (Rumour has it I am IRL Kitty but that’s hear say…).

I’m here to show you guys how I wear the collaboration, which was kindly gifted to me.

I decided to style this with another Hello Kitty item; their new MiPac collaboration. Then a dress and hat from Sacred Hawk, and a vintage Givenchy necklace for a fun, girly look.

Sometimes I like to go girly, but it has to be with a fun edge. I can’t be full on barbie or I just feel odd. By adding the cross body bum bag and the fact that the shoes are flat, but platformed gives me that edge that balances it out for me.

What do you think, would you rock this look?

Location: Genesis, Shoreditch – which does amazing Organic, Vegan food.

Shop the shoes here. 


This blog contains gifted clothing. 

Photos by Fordtography