Vida Bakery make amazing Gluten Free, Vegan Cakes fresh out of their shop on Brick Lane, in East London.

I’m obviously a regular being Vegan and Gluten Free, there aren’t usually a lot of cake options for me – anywhere.

I first got to know these guys through Vegan Nights and various other Vegan Markets in London.

ANYTHING Vegan and Gluten free is on my radar, as it’s literally all I can eat. My choices are limited but more and more options are becoming available. I’ve eaten a lot of vegan, gluten free cakes in my time and just because I can eat it, doesn’t mean I will if it isn’t any good. I most certainly might try something, but not necessarily go back. I’m pretty good at baking and cooking myself see… And what’s the point in spending money on something that you could make better yourself?

However, you can find me in Vida Bakery at least a few times a month. Last week I went 3 times! So I think that goes to show, they must be doing SOMETHING right!

And one of those 3 times last week, I was actually taken back there by someone I had taken as they really wanted more cake…! They also aren’t vegan OR gluten free, so basically Vida just make GREAT CAKE, REGARDLESS OF IT BEING VEGAN OR GLUTEN FREE. The fact it is both of these things is just a BONUS!


Basically guys, if you head to my instagram here:

I’m running a competition for you and two friends to win 2 slices of cake or / cupcakes of your choice for the day at Vida. You can go anytime between now and the end of Jan.

To enter see my instagram caption, you must be following me and Vida and tag a friend you would like to take.

Good luck! x

If you are reading this after Monday 14th Jan the competition has now ended – sorry!

Images by Derek Bremner