The awful death of George Floyd is sadly far too common, but this is not just a problem in America.

Black people are more than twice as likely to die in police custody in the UK, and 2.5 x more likely in America.

Racism has been around for over 400 years, it is institutionalised and we have to do more than we have been before to change that. I am saying this to myself as much as anyone else.

That comes down to speaking to our relatives and friends – explaining to them when their thoughts about racism are wrong. Speaking up in the workplace about inequality and much more.

I know sometimes as white people or non-black people of colour, we don’t know where to start; education is key.

So I have compiled some important recourses, that have been helpful to me (some of which I’m still working my way through), that I hope can be useful in your journey to becoming more actively Anti-Racist.

We don’t ‘arrive’ as an ally, it is an ongoing journey, just like wellbeing, fitness etc. We need to integrate it into everything we do in order to be fully actively living it. And thus proactively helping black people.

George shouldn’t have had to die, and neither should Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Martin Luther King and many many more…


Show this to anyone who does not understand racism:

A guide To White Privilege by @CourtneyAhnDesign:

8 Lessons About Racism That Were Helpful To Me As A White Person by @Jenerous:

George Floyd: How To Help From The UK by @Das.Penman:

Black Lives Matter UK Facebook:

Black History Month Library:

How To Be An Ally At A Rally (Protest) by @indigenousrising



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“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” – Desmond Tutu . How to be an ally/human being: 1: Actively work to put and end to white supremacy and be willing to do the uncomfortable to make this happen. . 2: Understand your privilege, learn about it. Learn about white fragility. Learn about systemic and institutionalized forms of racism. Learn all of this without forcing black people to become your teachers. . 3: Be active. Call racism out when you see it. Use your privilege to protect black people if you see them being attacked. Donate to organizations that support the black community and/or are actively working to change a system that is inherently racist. Sign petitions. Go to demonstrations. . 4:Listen to black people and validate their experiences and their truth. . Racism and hate crimes are something all BIPOCs must deal with so it is important for white people to listen to all BIPOC voices. That being said, there is also no denying that the level of violence and outright murder committed against the black community is the number one most immediate and pressing problem we must all face together right now. So it’s not about NBPOCs right now – it’s about black lives. While not the same as white privilege, NBPOCs do have a level of privilege not afforded to black people.This is why NBPOCs with their own varying levels of proximity to whiteness also must also act in solidarity with the black community!!!

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Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge

Me and White Supremacy by Layla F Saad

How To Be An Anti Racist by Ibram X. Kendi

This Book is Anti-Racist by Tiffany Jewel

White Fragility by Robin J DiAngelo

For Children:

Anti-Racism Starts With Me! Colouring Book by Kadeesha Bryant



Kevin Harts Guide To Black History 

Dear White People (series)

Search ‘Spike Lee’ on Netflix to find loads of important movies by him including ‘Malcom X.’


Get Out

Seven Seconds


Donate (here’s just a few but there are many more):


There is SO much more out there too. I hope this blog is useful and helpful and maybe a good starting point.

Please go and check out all the pages/accounts linked, follow them and engage.

Thank you for reading.