I’ve been to Margate quite a few times over the years and I love it. But as someone with dietary requirements, the dread of going somewhere new and hoping I can eat safely and well – is always dire!

However, I’ve always managed to find food in Margate I can eat and it’s better now than ever!

For a classic Fish and Chips, you can try out Beach Byos literally on the seafront. They have a whole gluten-free and a whole vegan menu and their vegan menu is all gluten-free too! It’s so nice to actually be able to join in on the tradition of Fish and Chips by the sea!
Also down the road in Ramsgate, you will find another Chip Shop that also caters for Vegan and Gluten Free people called Shakey Shakey.

For brunch, lunch and cakes Seaside Kitchen and Cake Parlor are fantastic! It’s a Vegan establishment with loads of gluten-free options. I had a really good bagel with vegan egg mayo and salmon! They also have gluten-free vegan bubble waffles which I’m 100% going back to try soon!

I have also heard the Bus Cafe has great vegan and gluten-free options, so that’s one also to check out and I will be doing so!

For ice cream – most of the ice cream parlours have vegan options but my favourite so far is Follow The Swirl which also has Gluten Free cones. They have real fruit ice cream and vegan real fruit ice cream as well as vegan vanilla and chocolate all in a whippy swirly style! It’s so creamy and delicious.

For coffee and cake, I would still recommend the Seaside Kitchen above but The Margate Coffee Shed also has lots of good drink options as well as a Gluten-free, Vegan Brownie option. Lots of the coffee shops have good milk and drink options. Often in London coffee shops only stock Oat milk which isn’t gluten-free, but I’ve not had that issue as much in Margate.

All in all, Margate is a welcoming and open-minded place and you should be able to find at least one option in most establishments. But these are my top tried and tested, and loved places!