As an avid Slipknot fan, this obviously appealed to me and will do if you are also a ‘maggot.’

But even if you only slightly like or once liked the band; this is a great documentary about one of the biggest metal bands of our time.

Slipknot lyrics can literally floor me, and bring me to tears. Because Corey Taylor’s lyrics are SO relatable. Even if I’m in a good place it can bring me back to that place of pain, but not in a bad way. In a way that makes me want to shout every word he’s saying because he understands, someone else understands how I feel. Someone else wrote a damn song about it! It’s real, it’s honest and it’s raw.

People often mistake Metal music to be all negative, demon-worshipping, satanism. Metal is often about negative emotions and times, but it’s the positive therapeutic pain of FEELING. Of sitting and acknowledging that negativity and getting past it. It unites so many people because it helps us realise we are NOT alone in those feelings.

To me, Slipknot is all about LOVE. Because real love embraces pain, self-love embraces floors and gets past negative thoughts.

Enough of my personal love for this band, go watch the documentary and kill some of this endless time we now have!

Also congrats Daniel P Carter and BBC1 for making this happen.