Can’t eat Gluten but want to try Veganuary? I’ve got you!

It’s January which also means Veganuary and it’s a great time to try a Vegan/Plant-Based Diet.

This blog has many posts under the ‘Eating Out’ and ‘Cooking with Kitty’ sections, or just search ‘food’ to find lots of useful posts.

I first started blogging about Gluten-Free, Vegetarian food and then transitioned 3 years ago to a fully Plant-Based Diet.

It sounds hard, but honestly these days it really isn’t that bad, with lots of options in supermarkets, restaurants and cafes such as Pret, Itsu etc.

Tip – check all ingredients in BOLD. If a product contains something non-vegan or gluten-containing it will be in BOLD in the ingredients list. Or it should be! Oats, Wheat and Barley contain gluten too so if you see those, avoid! Also, Whey is milk – also avoid!

Download the Happy Cow app to see if there are any takeaways (due to lockdown and restaurants when they are allowed to open again) in your area. The app shows vegetarian and vegan places and often there will be reviews which will sometimes state if they have gluten-free options too.

Join Facebook groups. Type in Gluten-Free Vegans into Facebooks’s search bar and some groups will come up, I am in a couple and they are SO useful.

BFree is a totally Vegan and Gluten-Free bread brand, so you will never need to worry as all their products are ok for us! You can buy their products in most large supermarkets and even sometimes in small ones too.

Make sure to take your supplements especially B12, Vitamin D and Iron. I also highly recommend a probiotic.
I take Together Multiamins with B12, Calcium, Zinc etc as they are natural. I take Acidophilus Probiotics from Holland and Barett and also other supplements from Boots who do lots of Vegan options too.

Thai/Vietnamese food is really good for us Gluten-Free, Vegans. They have lots of options and are easy to re-make at home too. Pho is a great GF/VGN option at home and to get takeaway (and eat in restaurants when we can again!). Summer Rolls are Gluten Free and you can usually get vegan options from restaurants. Plus they are fun and quite easy to make at home too.

Meat Substitutes – No seitan for us! It is pure gluten. Tofu and anything made from tofu/soy is a great option as long as you can also have Soy. Many brands use pea protein now such as the Beyond Burger/Beyond Meat brand.

Also you can use actual vegetables as meat replacement like turning chickpeas into a ‘tuna’ substitute. Or aubergine into a ‘fish’ burger, Mushrooms as a burger etc. Also, beans are a great substitute that is packed full of protein. I sadly can not have kidney beans or white beans but I have lots of black beans and chickpeas instead.

Other brands which have some gluten-free options (but all of their options might not be so make sure to check):

‘This’ isn’t…
Meatless Farm
Iceland Own Brand
Amys Kitchen
Vegetarian Butcher
Like Meat
Wicked Kitchen (Tesco)
Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco’s etc all have own brand items of which some are glute-free, mostly sausages and some burgers too.

Here are some recipe posts I have shared recently on Instagram for Veganuary:



Here is a post about Cruelty-Free Make-Up brands that do Vegan make up options:



I have an on-going Guide on my Instagram too, here. 

Good luck, and please tag me if you share any of my posts on social and online.