Today I tried out my first smoothy bowl, I’ve been eyeing them up on Pintrest and Instagram for a while and I had to try my own.


A smoothy bowl is literally a smoothy topped with healthy fruit, nuts, cereals etc and eaten from a bowl rather than a cup…like a normal smoothy would be. I often eat yoghurt bowls for breakfast as it’s a great way to get the health benefits that live yoghurt gives you as well as having some of your 5 a day and nuts etc all in one go. I’ve wanted to try protein powders for ages but I wasn’t sure where to start and then the guys from Strippd hit me up and asked if I wanted to test theirs! Perfect! I chose their Vegan Protein as I’m always wanting to try non-dairy products as I think they are healthier generally.


You will need:

Strippd Vegan Pea and Hemp blend protein powder. (Mixed berries flavour but any will do).

4 Strawberries

2  and a half bananas

80ml water or vegan milk

Raw Gorilla Crispies (or cereal of your choice)

1/2 cup Soya Yogurt

1 x shaker

1 x blender

Method: I basically shook the protein powder with the water and mixed it with the yoghurt. I cut up the bananas and added them and used a hand blender to blend it all together. You want to make sure it’s blended well or you will taste the protein powder.

I then topped with cereal and fruit and hey presto! Super easy way to get a health hit in the morning.