Have you ever seen bread in the shape of a turkey? No me either, until now!

Incredible Bakery; a Vegan and Gluten-Free UK Bakery, have come up with a new idea for a Christmas Centre-Piece at the dinner table. This one is better suited for a Cheese board table, however.

Yes, that is a Turkey Shaped loaf, and yes it is Vegan and Gluten-Free.

The Loaf costs £9 and is a limited edition for the Christmas period. Incredible Bakery’s bread really does taste like ‘normal’ bread too. It’s thick and makes great toast or just a good crusty slice to slather some Vegan Camembert on!

There are loads of Vegan cheese options now which is great, but if you can either visit or order from La Fauxmagerie, you will not be disappointed! Much better than many supermarket options, their Vegan cheese selection includes delicatessen style varieties like Camembert, Smoked Cheder, Truffle Cheese and more.

You can even freeze their cheese ready for Christmas so you don’t run out, which I think is great!  Their Camembert is just £5 and much larger than any I usually see which often reach around £8.

Another new find is Sheese’s cheddar style spread. It’s just a little different to usual cheese spreads with a nice mild Cheddar flavour, and costs around £2.

Thank you to Incredible Bakery for gifting me the bread to try.