I have a sweet tooth, it’s undeniable and I love milkshakes. The only problem is I am also super health conscious and not so great with too much dairy.

I’ve been on the hunt for the best vegan / dairy free milkshakes in London for a while now. I’ve tried some amazing places like Cookies and Scream but then I kept seeing all these crazy Freak Shakes on instagram – all of which were full dairy gluten madness! then suddenly through the instagram @vegansofldn I saw The Canvas Cafe! And better still it’s in my area of East London, just off Brick Lane.
These Freak Shakes are vegan friendly and so dreamy. The generally come in 3 options Avocado chocolate, Raspberry and Chocolate-chocolate! We all tried the double choc, we couldn’t resist but next time I’m going to try avocado for sure.


Finally I can have a cheat day that’s instagram worthy and not going to make me feel quite so naughty after!