Trying to find Vegan Cruelty Free Skin Care is one thing, but trying specifically to find it for tattoos is a whole other task.

If you have been here before you will know I focus on purely sharing Cruelty-Free skincare and beauty on this blog.

As a tattooed person, I’ve always been trying to find the best tattoo aftercare and ongoing skincare but on top of that trying to find any Cruelty Free and Vegan options that were out there at all.

Many of the well-known products are unfortunately not Cruelty-Free or Vegan which is really annoying. That’s why it’s so cool that Stories and Ink is a specifically Cruelty-Free and Vegan Tattoo skincare company.


Not only do Stories & Ink have moisturising lotions, they now have a specific Aftercare cream which is REALLY useful.

Having a whole range of skincare including body oil, exfoliating body wash etc is really exciting. Let’s face it, as tattooed people, we don’t go spending a lot of money on adorning our body with art, to then not keep it looking good, right?


The products use lots of natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Vitamine E, Inca Inchi Oil etc…

The body oil is one of my favourite products as I love a spray product, it’s so easy to use and a little goes really far.

I have got the whole Tattoo Care Kit from Stories & Ink, featured in these photos. Which includes:

The first 10-20 days after getting a new tattoo are critical. Your skin will go through different phases, from red and swollen to dry and flaky. Our specially formulated Aftercare Cream keeps skin soothed and hydrated throughout the healing process.

Regular exfoliation is good for your tattoo. Using our natural Exfoliating Body Scrub on healed ink removes dead skin and brightens pigment.

To keep your tattoo looking its best once your skin has fully healed, it’s important to keep the area hydrated and protected from the sun. Our Daily Moisturiser with UVA/UVB filters nourishes the skin and provides everyday protection against fading and discolouration.

The devil’s in the detail. Our Highlighting Body Oil treats tattooed skin to an instant surge of moisture and shine.

For extra protection, the overnight Vibrancy Serum containing Amino Acids will safely brighten tattoo pigment, whilst regulating your skin’s pH levels – leaving you with a clear and even skin tone.

Good to know
For fresh tattoos use the Aftercare Cream only. All other products in the S&I range are for healed tattoos. No parabens, cruelty free, vegan friendly and appropriate for all skin types.

Find out more on their website:

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