I am a UGC Creator, which stands for User Generated Content. I am also a Content Creator, but what’s the difference?

I’ve been a content creator for around 8/9 years, creating content for my own social platforms which brands pay me to create – like adverts. UGC is basically a very similar for of content but ~JUST created especially for the brand pages.

For example Boots may pay me as a content creator to create content that my audience would engage with organically. But they would pay a UGC creator to create content that fits their branded page more. How ever they still want it to look organic and like as creator / real person has made it.

I do both because why not? It’s essentially using the same skills and habits to create content and also it’s a bonus that I don’t HAVE to share it to my own channels sometimes.

I create UGC for all kinds of subjects from food, product photos and videos, how-to videos, tutorials, styling trends, lifestyle videos and more. It’s so varied! Hence the two examples on this page, one of food and one of footwear!

Here’s a post from the Insta Page website about it: here.

You can see my UGC portfolio page here.