You might have heard of Club Mexicana before, the London based eatery.

They are purely vegan and have vegan-based pop-ups around London.

This time they have teamed up with Hackney’s own Pembury Tavern on a Nacho Pizza! Yes, It’s everything you love about Nachos and Pizzas in one dish… I have all of your attention now don’t I?! Queso, Vegan Chorizo, Guacamole, Pickled Chillies, Pink Onions, Chipotle Mayo, Coriander, and Valentina Hot Sauce. £11

Furthermore it’s totally Vegan and even better… of course, if you are on this page you might know I’m also Gluten-Free, and YES they have a Gluten-Free option for this pizza and their other pizzas too!


I also tried the Aphrodite pizza which has vegan Ricotta cheese made by Black Arts (incredible vegan cheese company), Courgette, Pesto, Cavolo Nero, Lemon Oil and Calabrian chillies. I also highly recommend this pizza too! £9

If I were you I would do like I did – take someone who is happy to have a Gluten Free base and go half on two pizzas. Best of both worlds. Also, I took a fellow Gluten Free friend and we both have to tell you all; this might be one of the best Gluten Free bases we have tried.

The Gluten-Free base is £2.50 extra and they are cooked in the same oven as Gluten so it depends on your sensitivity. But we were fine.

The Nacho pizza was only for November and they are changing their specials every month so check in with them to see what their Christmas Special is!

Complimentary meal featured.