So apparently OFO Bikes are really popular in China and now the ‘Uber of Bikes’ is here in the UK.

I had the pleasure of heading over to Cambridge to try out these bikes and have my first ever proper trip exploring Cambridge.

Riding a bike was my main form of fun as a kid. I rode my bike around the Cotswolds endlessly like I was in some kind of American teen movie. I wore my hat backwards and travelled with a crew of friends mostly just picking flowers or running from bulls. Sometimes to buy a magazine or comic book… It was wild! Anyway I felt like I was reliving my youth riding around without a care in the world and I really enjoyed it.

The bikes are so easy to use, you have an app a bit like uber. The app locates the nearest bike and you unlock them using the app. And off your roll…

It was fun exploring a new city from a totally different point of view and we definitely saw more of it than we would have had we just been walking around.

OFO Bikes are now in London too, find out more: