Finding time for yourself is THE most important thing you can do for your happiness.

And an easy way to do that is by heading to the gym.

At the gym you can put your headphones in, focus on your work out and forget about everything else. Or you can go for a swim ad do the same. Basically it’s a place you can switch off from everyone else and be alone but at the same time do physical work that’s good for your body and your mind…

I love my time in the gym and as soon as I’m too busy to go I feel a bit lost without it.

The reason the GYM is the BEST place to get ‘me’ time is: because I can’t write a blog post at the gym… I can’t really text or email back when I’m running on the tread mill. Or post a selfie while I’m doing weights and THAT is great.

If I go to a nice coffee spot or go for a walk those are great places to get some head space too but I can easily be distracted to do some work or interact with the outside world. At the gym it’s much harder and quite frankly that’s great. It’s even harder in a class too and that’s why I LOVE a good class.

Basically the gym is my sanctuary, and I would honestly advice anyone to do the same. It helps when it was a nice spa / pool like Virgin Active does as you can reward yourself after a good sweat!