Here’s my version of a LBD!

We all love a Little Black Dress. It’s a go-to for many us when we have the ordeal of trying to find a dressy outfit.

I am most definitely more comfortable in casual looks, but it’s fun to dress up too! So finding smart, dressier outfits that make me feel comfortable, cool and good within myself can be hard. I ned something with a little edge!

I also need something which isn’t your usual, tight-fitting little dress. That just isn’t me, I don’t love my stomach!

I found Jenn Lee’s designs recently through a London PR when I was pulling for some styling shoots, and I love the silhouettes.
They are sexy and fitted but not in an obvious way. The asymmetric design of this dress for example allows for our curves and/or lack thereof. It hides the bits I don’t like and enhances the bits I do!

Of course, we are all different and this is my answer for a Little Black Dress that works for me!

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Images by Kaye Ford.