What were the best sneaker collaborations of 2023, for me?

This is all totally based on my personal preference.

Number 1 is 100% the Adidas x Korn collaboration.

Finally after 30 years Korn got their long awaited Adidas collaboration. After repping the brand heavily in the late 90s and early 2000s, adidas gifted the band but never officially collaborated with them.

They even took a deal with Puma who offered to pay the band to wear their apparel and shoes. They loved sportswear which came from their love of rap and rap style and culture. Which could be heard through their music and seen through their style. Sp Puma was another obvious choice. But they had always loved adidas.

The collection was first debuted at Sick New World Festival in Vegas this year and releases in October for sale. It sold out so fast with a lot of fans left wanting more. Rumours are part 2 is coming in 2024…



Number 2 is the Nike x The Powerpuff Girls collection which actually releases this weekend. 

The advert for the collaboration is literally the cartoon featuring and talking abotu the shoe collection which makes SO much sense. Often brands don’t do what is obvious and miss out on tricks that fans would love, Putting Nike IN TO the Powerpuff Girls universe is exactly what we want rather than doing something more physical like a video of the shoes which honestly would be boring.


Number 3 is the Salomon x Sandy Liang XT-6 Expanse

The Salomon XT-6 are one of my most worn pairs of shoes in my collection, I don’t have the Sandy Liang version however and I wish I did. This is a simple collaboration seeing this popular silhouette reimagined in a pastel colourway. There’s nothing overly special besides that but sometimes simple is good.


Number 4 is every Cecilie Bahnsen ASICS Collaboration she released in 2023!

First they teased us with runway imagery which had me in a toal choke hold. I have actually customised my own Asics to look like some of these below.

Then they proceeded to drop the below packs which were extremely hard to get hold of for retail.

I think the feminine touches she puts on these otherwise tech, dad shoe silhouettes is the perfect juxtaposition.


Number 5 are the Sean Wotherspoon x adidas Gazelle’s.

sean wotherspoon adidas gazelle

His eco-friendly approach to the popular adidas Gazelle made from hemp and mushroom leather constructions.

Sean is one of my favourite designers because he is plant based, eco conscious and has great style. He is the founder of vintage stores Round Two. He loves vintage merch, especially from the 90’s, as do I and he’s pant based, as am I. So it makes sense that I would be keen on things he does.

He is always looking to innovate and push the plant based, eco capabilities of brands and I commend him for that.


Finally number 6 and my final pair are the Ganni x New Balance 1906R.

I especially like the neutral pair from the pack but both are great.

Ganni know that their iconic dresses look great paired with dad sneakers, so what better way to mark that than to collaborate with the king of dad sneaker: New Balance?


Out of all of these pairs I only own the adidas x Korn (both pairs). But I have literally hundreds of pairs of sneakers and many that are similar to these pairs above.

I am in the process of getting rid of lots of my collection to make way for new pairs so make sure to look me up on vinted. Just search my name – Kitty Cowell.

Also check out my youtube video all about this same subject here: https://youtu.be/wwTTxudEYm0