Now don’t hate me here because this place is awesome but it’s an invite only situation. Hopefully however that just makes you excited to work hard and get to a point where they wanna invite you right? I hope so, I hate to write about things that people can’t relate to. But I am just like you, some girl who has worked her butt off to get to places like this, where dreams come true…THE APARTMENT.

The Apartment is organised by Abi Marvel as a blogger hangout spot at London Fashion Week and is in its 10th season! They have also been to New York Fashion Week, Milan etc…

The idea is to give bloggers a place to chill between shows, get their head and make up done, eat, drink, recharge and meet new bloggers. They cleverly collaborate with loads of brands which helps make the whole process tick. The only downside is I usually loose weight over fashion week because I’m running around so much and eating well.. just free popcorn. This season I had burgers for lunch as their lunch sponsor was Gourmet Burger Kitchen, and I didn’t run a lot as they got us cabs to shows with Bare Minerals Cosmetics. So thanks Abi, now I gotta go to the gym more…haha joking (please don’t make me ever run apart from in the gym again…)

Below are some images to give you an insight into the place we call The Apartment…


Above I’m with Gabbi, Skai and Bianca who are all bloggers and vloggers hence the set up…!



Above I had my hair braided by the Priv team at The Apartment and below are some images from the different rooms, and one where I’m taking a snap of my GBK lunch on the first day.

I’ll have a blog about the Yoga we did on the last day coming up soon as well…


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