Juxtapositions much? Yes I do love them…

This look is a mix of menswear and womenswear, casual and smart.

If you have been here before; you will know this is my style!

And yes ladies and gentlemen that is a bruise and no I did NOT photoshop it out! I’m keeping it real over here ok. Let’s do that more in fashion… haha!

So this look is great for spring days when you have meetings followed by drinks or dinner afterwards, or event an event. It’s cool to wear trainers so even fancy places don’t mind now.

I love a girly dress but unless I’m going to a very fancy place or a wedding you won’t find me wearing girly shoes with a dress. I have to balance it out with my tomboy/punk rock side and wear trainers or boots. Today I chose my new Air Max 1’s, they are such a classic shape and these particular ones look more like the original pre 2010 pairs. Over the years the shape of Air Max 1’s changes slightly and geeks like me get upset. But I’m a fan of this classic Black, White and Cream pair from JD Women.

My dress is black and floaty with gold hearts, stars and lightening bolts all over. It has a touch of goth to it which I dig but at the same time is pretty.

I teamed this look with a mens, tan, cord jacket by Swedish brand ‘ A Day’s March’ and my Gucci shopper which is about 15 years old… You can’t beat a classic!

Each element of this look tells a story about my personal style, and that’s the way I like it.

The dress – girly and goth.

The jacket – tomboy.

The bag – high end and classic.

The kicks – I’m a sneakerhead…

Do you like to tell a story about who you are, with what you wear?

Shop the look:

Dress is by MONKI, this exact one isn’t available but similar ones are here, here and here. 

Trainers are Nike by JD. 

Jacket is by A Day’s March. 

My Gucci bag is vintage by find similar here, and here.