Over the past couple of years I have been invited by one of my favourite brands; Nike to give a few talks about styling and blogging and my addiction to trainers and sportswear.

Last year I was asked to do some very specific styling talks explaining how I think new season collections should be styled in store and how to style them on customers. It’s great being given the opportunity to share my tips and tricks as most of this stuff is stuck in my mind and only shared when on set styling jobs or if relevant to blog posts. It’s been an honour to have my opinion valued by one of the best sportswear brands in the wold.

It’s also amazing to hear everyones questions and thoughts during the process. I give the talks to in-store sales, management or styling teams and have given talks about trends and content creation to Nike buying teams also.

Below are some images from one of the talks last summer.

I know I’m reaching goals when I get to share my opinion and it feels amazing!