Some days I just want to be bad ass, some days I just want to be cute and pretty…
Today I wanted to be bad ass so i went mostly monochrome with a biker jacket, camo tee and Supreme snapback…

I always need balance with my outfits, it can’t just be one thing for example bad ass, I don’t want to look like a criminal or make old ladies fear me! I just want to take things a little punk rock but with a balance of smart / sophistication. I did that by pairing a Sandro tote bag and Uniqlo linen trousers with my outfit. Linen juxtaposed against a leather jacket brings contrast and balance at the same time. The fact that both items are black makes the contradiction in materials subtle but the obvious choice of denim is replaced with a softer, lighter weight material both for summer comfort and a smarter twist.


On my feet I have my Air Max 95 HTM iD’s with mesh patterned socks. The chunky silhouette compliments the upper half of the outfits bold leather jacket silhouette and adds a sporty element to the outfit. Mesh socks add a girly touch along with the stretch choker on my neck.


My Sandro tote seals in the smarter elements in this outfit and adds a touch of colour.
While my Supreme snapback increases the bad ass factor rounding off the streetwear influence in this look.


Jacket – Pins and Needles at Urban Outfitters

Tee – Camden Market

Trousers – Uniqlo

Socks -Primark

Trainers – Nike Air Max 95 HTM iD

Bag – Sandro

Watch – Baby G

Cap – Supreme NYC

Pictures by Cleo Glover 

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