So during summer I get a bit girlier, I feel like I can be FREE. The sun is out, the layers are off, to an extent. I do love a bit of layering, but I mean I no longer have to feel like the Michelin man!
My fave’ thing is balancing tomboy with barbie girl and smart with casual. Here I’ve balanced out these girly / boho looks with of course – sneakers. You may have seen my previous post about the Asics x size? Kayano’s and here I am showing you another way to wear them for summer.

The lovely guys at American Eagle Outfitters sent me some surprise gifts to update my wardrobe ready for the sun. It’s fun to get clothing out of the blue and give yourself a challenge to try out how to wear it. I mean sometimes it is better to choose items yourself but this worked out perfectly and I love all the pieces.
These denim shorts and strappy top fit me like a dream and are definitely pieces I need in my wardrobe and will be easy to mix up. You can already see how I wore the top in a different outfit here. 
Fitted tops are something I’m craving at the moment as previously I was totally obsessed with baggy unisex tees. I still am but I have a lot of them now and had neglected the idea of fitted, more feminine pieces. Life and styling are all about balance and as soon as I put on this crop I fell in love. I can wear it with baggy bottoms as-well as fitted, and skirts and it has a fitted bust area so no need for a bra!

The shorts are cool because they are short, but not the kind that make your butt cheeks fall out (ew), but still short enough to show them off! The distressed detailing is so in fashion and never really goes out, giving them a grungy edge. Plus the leaf embroidery is subtly but enough to give the shorts a bump up the style rankings with detailing strong enough to rival designer denim (without the price tag!).


This boho style, loose fit blouse with lace detailing is classic but contemporary at the same time. Lace detailing is very on trend right now and this patch work design and loose fit makes you feel instantly like you should be wearing a bikini underneath and heading to the beach! As well as this look with ripped shorts, this top could also look great with a leather jacket and black skinny jeans and heels.


Clothing – American Eagle Outfitters

Trainers – Asics x size? 

Styling – Kitty Cowell

Photography – Cleo Glover