Who is Stefani Nurding?

So in this series, I am styling, shooting and interviewing cool peeps and I’m starting with friends!

Here is my pal Stef Nurding, she is a badass skateboarding chick, who has just had a cute as hell little baby boy. She owns her own brand Salon Skateboards and she is a model.

1- How did you get into skateboarding? And how long have you been skating for?
I have been skating for about 13 years :), I got into it after doing a snowboard season as I was living in a hotel to surrender for the summer which had a mini ramp.
2 – You are really creative outside of skateboarding alone. With your own brand Salon and doing things like turning your car glittery! What makes you do that stuff?
I am trying to say things which people place a gender on, for instance how a lot of people think a skateboard is a boy’s thing.
Stef wears look 1:
Top – Weekday
Skirt – Woof Wood
Glasses – Ace and Tate

3 – Congratulations on having a beautiful baby boy. Have you always wanted kids or was it something you grew into?
I always wanted kids definitely, I wouldn’t have minded having them sooner but I am glad I got to experience a lot of things before having him as I felt really ready, although I don’t think anyone can ever be really ready haha.
4 – What do you think about social media these days?
I think social media is a tool just like a pair of scissors, which can either be used for really good things or can be used for harm so I think people just need to be careful with it.
5 – Finally what are your favourite clothing brands?
My fave clothing brands omg haha… I love vintage, a lot of the really good stuff I’ve got is from Japan from the vintage stores, I recently started to collect some old skate stuff too like Flip tees etc. I wear Vans shoes most of the time. I like Ashley Williams, Clio Peppiat for casual.  For the gym I like Sweaty Betty, for outerwear I like Bogner or Moncler. My all-time fave for cool and feminine is Miu Miu. I have been trying so hard to invest in slow fashion and it’s great because I mostly only have things I love now. I love Prada Sunglasses.

Look 2:

Two-piece outfit: Wood Wood
Belt – HUF

Shot and styled by me.