Meet Natti, she’s the singer of a band called Fickle Friends who I style.

Natt is number 3 in this series where I style and shoot people myself.

I wanted to introduce you guys to cool people I know while creating some fun content at the same time.

I hope this inspires you to wear/style certain items of clothing and to listen to Natti’s band!

1 – How did you get into music?
My mum is very musical and started taking me to festivals literally as a toddler. That appreciation of music was instilled in me from birth and I was pushed to learn instruments and we sang around the house a lot. I played in bands and things as a kid and then applied to music school when I was 17 and it kinda went from there.

Natti wears – Weekday tee and jacket
2 – What made you go vegan?
Weirdly Ellie Goulding ha. I was already veggie and I watched a host of documentaries and was like. Nope. No more cheese. Fuck this. The dairy industry is so toxic and my overall mental and physical health has benefitted so much from going vegan 5 years ago.

3 – Do you prefer London (your new home) or Brighton (your original home)?
Don’t make me CHOOSE. (Brighton) but I am enjoying the change London has brought to my life.

Natti wears – Tee – Weekday, Glasses – Ace and Tate

4 – Cats or Dogs?
Cats ?

5 – What are your favourite clothing brands?
Lucy & Yak, Lazy Oaf… be honest I just like second hand/vintage of all varieties these days.

Natti wears – Weekday blazer and roll neck jumper.