During the Summer of 2018 I styled a campaign for global retailer Footlocker.

Footlocker opened a new flagship store in Marble Arch, London and I styled the campaign for the store which will be in the store for 2 years. Which is really exciting, it’s so great to see your work in store’s let alone for that amount of time!

The images were shot by my friend Micheal aka Wally who is a sneaker/streetwear photographer from Berlin. And Gemma Stafford did the makeup for the campaign.

Here’s some Behind The Scenes photos:


The Crew

We shot on Location around London to give the campaign a very relevant setting for its purpose.

This was a two-day shoot, one day for womenswear and one day for menswear. This is very typical for a big campaign, it can be spread over 2-3 days and sometimes even a whole week.

The clothing an accessories had to be from Footlocker, but I could add in the odd fancy sock etc. My main job is to pair items of clothing together and make sure they look well fitted and cool/wearable. This kind of styling is pretty simple but it’s almost more important than the crazy editorial styling I also do.

Making items look wearable to your everyday consumer sound simple, but sometimes it can be really easy to overdo it.

I’ve popped the final images below, and they can be found on the Portfolio part of this website too.

Hope you liked reading about this job!

Here are the Campaign Images: