Today’s fashion post revolves around the new baby pink suede Nike Air Force 1’s from JD Women.

I’m a Nike girl it’s true I own many pairs, maybe around 50 Nikes, I have 250 trainers in total…

The Air Force 1 is an iconic silhouette from the basketball court to the street it’s been saying so many different things across the years to different scenes making it an across the board icon in sneaker culture.

This season sees a big push from Nike on the AF1 silhouette with British collabs’ from the likes of Lady Leshur and American collabs’ from Off White etc…

Today I’m styling up the Pink Suede version from JD Women, and I’ve gone for a tonal look meets metal head. Not a surprising look from me…

My Levis denim trucker is a work in progress covered in my favourite pins and some Levis patches which they put on for me. A Metallica hoody because for one it’s freezing right now and 2 I love Metallica and I felt really happy to find this cropped version in H&M. Cropped hoodies and tees really suit my body shop especially with high waist trousers so this jumper is going to be seeing a lot o daylight.

My pink cords are from Monki and are so cute, but also a whole pink trouser kind of scares me. From the hanger to my body they changed so much though. There’s a subtle balance with coloured trousers that look good and ones that look like PJs. It’s usually best to go tonal and mix in monochrome for balance.

I think I’m lucky that I could go tonal on the bottom half of my look but balance it our with my co-ordinating Pink hair. You could do this with a pink hat though or black hat with a pink motif…

Shop my shoes: here.  And all AF1′ here 

Trousers: here.

Hoodie: here.

Choker: here.

Jacket: here.

My bag is sold out but here is the brand.

Photos by Meara Kallista Morse