I was kindly invited down to the Space NK Space for their Christmas in July event.

Brands do these events because press need to know what’s coming out at the end of the year in lots of advance to plan magazine pages. The thought and planning must have been massive as it was so detailed and Christmassy.

One of my favourite brands of the day were Le Metier De Beaute; a diverse brand selling colour cosmetics, treatment cosmetics and skincare. Their skincare collection delivers amazing, instant and credible results with a gentle balance of science and design. Knowing that your making yourself look better with make up but also improving the quality of your skin is very appealing! Director of Artistry and Education ‘Ivan Casto’ was on hand to talk us through the incredible collection and we even went away with their cult product ‘Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complexe.’ It works below the surface to smooth, tighten and soften skins overall appearance. Pretty amazing! (£135).


Christophe Robin Hair-Care Products are another new brand to Launch at Space NK. One of the leading colourists in the world, Christophe’s home hair-care range is all about creating a healthy canvas before colouring hair, and keeping it that way after. he has been using these products in his salons for over 15 years with clients like Kylie Minogue and Tilda Swinton. The products contain natural ingredients and plant extracts and are free from paraben, alcohol, silicon etc. Basically ticking all the boxes for a vegetarian, organic obsessed hair bleaching woman like me then!


Bjork & Berries; a Swedish botanical skincare and perfume house brought more natural aesthetics and ingredients to the event. Luxurious yet sustainable every formula is designed to deliver the maximum beauty benefits with  the minimal amount of ingredients in order to streamline your beauty routine. With the essence of forests and the feeling of quality, their oils sunk in to our skin without leaving it greasy and their perfumes created a relaxing aroma without being too strong.


The rest of the day went on with amazing beauty, skin care, nails and homeware. Food and drinks were provided by lovely waiters and we even went away with reef like flower/leaf arrangements.

I’m very excited for the Christmas products to go in store and keep up to date with me trying out products on here and on my social media! @kittycowell on instagram, twitter, snapchat etc!