As consumerism changes from Fast Fashion into a more conscious direction (slowly), we are seeing more practical brands become the ‘must have’ pieces in peoples wardrobes.

Nike ACG, Salomon, New Balance, Asics, The North Face, Pangea etc… It’s obvious for one reason: it lasts longer. It is also accessible, unlike the trend of buying into Luxury, Designer Fashion which can easily go out of trend from season to season.

What’s also helping are collaborations, as always. Positioning high-end luxury brands like Gucci in collaborations with practical brands like The North Face creates a buzz around what is initially an outdoor, hiking brand.

Obviously, The North Face has been doing this for a long time with collaborations in Streetwear like Supreme and Brain Dead etc… But positioning themselves alongside the luxury market with Gucci was clever.

But why are ‘tech’ shoes trending so much?

Salomon are a running/hiking sneaker brand, otherwise worn by people with little care or interest in ‘Fashion.’

Well, we saw the rise in ‘Norm Core’ a few years ago, and that definitely feeds into this technical, dad shoe trend. As well as sustainability and wanting to buy products that last and have durability factors.

We also have ‘Tech Wear’ as a trend that has been around for a long time focussed around purely technical apparel from the likes of Nike ACG, Acronym, Stone Island Shadow Projects etc…

Basically in 2021 trends aren’t being separated, we are blending styles from lots of different trend ‘pockets’ as I like to call them and creating our own style. It’s ALL technically in fashion, it’s just about how you wear it.

I’ve personally always been interested in tech wear, as someone who runs around London a lot, from the gym to a meeting to an event. It makes sense – so for it to be in fashion just means I can extend that practicality into my personal style even more.

I also LOVE juxtapositions in fashion, putting something ugly with something cute, and something masculine with something hyper-feminine. So mixing in ‘ugly’ sneakers with cooler pieces is something I’m really enjoying doing.

Anyway please enjoy this little editorial I shot in the streets of Soho this week.

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