What’s the saying; short hair don’t care? Well yeah here’s my new short silver doo…

I hit up my guys at Foster London again for a colour refresh and a new hair cut. I’ve been eyeing up bobs on other people for ages and trying to decide if I wanted to take the plunge. But then it was my birthday and I decided new year, new me and I’m really glad I did.

For my birthday I received this beautiful Coach bag from my parents so it only made sense to show off my new hair and new bag at the same time.

My outfit here is me doing sassy but cool… I’m not (OMG) wearing trainers, but instead opted for a pointed cowboy style, ankle boot. They are flat so very comfortable but the gold pointed toe gives you that edge of fancy. This is a great evening drinks look that carries you from a fancy cocktail bar to a chilled burger joint.

I dressed my fancy bag and shoes down with straight leg, frayed black jeans by Paige, a tucked in Men’s T-shirt by Kappa and a cropped bomber jacket by Marbek.

I mean I don’t go for simple rules very often – I like to break them but if you want to tone it down just add a simple black vest or tee. I just love adding sports/street elements to all my outfits!

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Pics by Yassmin at COMB.