I’ve been trying to find ways to stay connected to my family and friends during lockdown, obviously, there’s zoom but what about old fashioned air mail?

I know some people are lucky enough to live close to their loved ones, but half of mine, including my parents, are not near to me.

Of course, video calls are really helping, and zoom has taken over. But after a while, these huge zoom quizzes and family catch up across the globe do become a bit much right? You just want to chat with your cousin for 20 minutes not your entire family on a zoom call or two hours, followed by various work and friendship groups doing the same thing each day and night.

It’s great don’t get me wrong, but one a week shall suffice me! So I thought what could I do to show I care that doesn’t involve constantly being on my laptop or phone?

I started by sending postcards and everyone seemed really touched by it. So then I wanted to look into sending photos and personalised cards that meant I could relive memories with my loved ones.

Then wham: MyPicture contacted me, and yes guys I 100% believe in the law of attracting working here. Haha!

Yes to be totally transparent this is a sponsored post – but all the opinions are my own. 


So at My-Picture.co.uk, they allow you to create lots of different kinds of customised gifts, from framed photos to postcards and now you can even make a custom face mask.

I chose to send a framed photo to some of my family members, as pictured above and then to make some custom cards using images I took on a trip to LA last year, to send to other loved ones.


Above are the cards I made. It was cool to have a message inside but also enough room to personally write in each one too.

When my family members received the framed photos they really appreciated it. I think right now, especially it’s such an important time to receive something that can bring you back to a good memory. That’s why photo gifts are such a good idea.

Photo cards start at just £3 and framed prints at £14,90 at the moment on a special offer. Also I have an extra 10% off code for you. Use code – KITTYCOWELL10, with this code you will get 10% off products at My-Picture.co.uk

I’m now about to write in the cards and send them our to my friends and family and I can’t wait to get texts when they receive them.

I also got myself one of the framed photos and it’s a really nice image to have in my room and remind me of my family while I can’t be close to them right now.


I hope you have enjoyed this post and are inspired to do something creative.