It’s a lockdown, we are all quarantined, but what about our hair?!

We can’t go to the hairdressers for at least another three months! BUT please I beg you do not do anything silly… There are lots of ways to keep your hair in good condition / looking great without doing too much.

Firstly, I’m not touching my roots. I’m going to keep topping up my colour which is semi-permanent. But I won’t be attempting to do my roots as I do not want to ruin my hair.

Sure there are ways of doing at home high lift and bleach which can be less damaging but I really trust my hairdressers who have taken the past couple of years to help me grow out bleach, and start using a high lift instead. Let’s see how bad it gets, but unless they talk me through it / advise me to do it myself – I won’t be touching it.

Instead, I’ll be keeping it fun and bright with Crazy Colour, and using lots of conditioning treatments from the likes of Kevin Murphy and Innoluxe. 

Below is a video showing you all how I go about topping up my Crazy Colour and creating my own custom SLIME shade.


Will you be topping up your hair colour? Maybe if your roots get too much, add in a pastel toner for fun?

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