Today’s fit is all about tan and pushing the limits of smart / casual.

I’ve never been huge into capes, I think they are quite a smart, girly statement which puts me off personally. But when I saw this one from Lavish Alice I knew I wanted to challenge myself to style it up.

The cool thing about this piece is it can be worn as a dress or a jacket. Versatile pieces are nothing more than fantastic, because being able to wear a statement piece in multiple ways means you are getting as much as possible for your money. Which I love.

I’ve had these Sneakers n Stuff X Puma ‘Pizza and Burger’ trainers for a while but just didn’t have the right outfit for them. Sometimes that’s the case hey, you have something but you are swarching for the perfect pieces to make a full outfit work. This cape was the right colour and it was time to get these babies out! Making sure to have some balance between the tanned items, I got my legs out. When you are going to wet a tonal outfit you need to either break it up with skin or monochrome or it can just be too much and look overdone. I felt happy with the balance of this look, it kept me comfortable as well as taking me out of my comfort zone.


Jacket – Lavish Alice @ Brand Attic

Trainers – SnS X Puma

Sunglasses – VOW London

Socks – Primark