I went to try out the new Punch Studio in Virgin Active’s Wallbrook gym.

It is very plush and fancy!

I’m a fan of boxing classes because I really think they are great for stress/anxiety.
You can just punch all of that stress right out of you. And the great thing about these classes are; they’re a mixture of boxing and HIIT: High Intensity, Interval Training.

So although Boxing mainly focusses on arms and upper body. The HIIT workouts are a mixture of weight training, lunges and burpee style exercises which focus on the rest of your body. So you get a full body work out.

I like classes that mix up the exercises because for one it is just more fun, and two – I don’t need to go to two classes to get the full work out! AND THAT SOUNDS LIKE A WIN FOR ME! Haha.

This was a gifted gym class experience. I’ve done similar classes in other gyms, and I am definitely going back to do this class more often now, I really enjoyed it. I can’t lie it was hard, but at the same time, you can totally go at your own pace.

Punch studios are available in Walbrook, Kensington, Mayfair, Wandsworth and Barbican