Did you ever think you would be reading Fendi and Pikachu in the same sentence?

If not you probably haven’t met me, or seen my posts before. I think that probably sums me up pretty well.

Levis have collaborated with Pokémon on an apparel collection including this amazing jacket I’m wearing. Hiding in between the bushes and flowers are different Pokémon characters. I love how vibrate the jacket is but still how subtle the subject remains.

SS21 Pattern Clashing continues, although as far as I’m concerned it always continues.

Making sure to have at least one consistent colour through the patterns helps bring them together in a look. Sometimes you don’t need to do that but it can help as a rule if you are unsure where to start!

Dad / Tech shoes continue to reign, and here I am wearing the Salomon XT6. They are very comfortable and practical. Meaning no need to worry if it rains. There is just something so cool about being on trends that aren’t adopted by everyone yet and definitely tech shoes is one of those styles. People still HATE or LOVE them.

Another thing that’s very IN and again, should always remain – is vintage and second-hand buying to be more sustainable.
My bag is just OLD – I have had this Fendi baby for about 15 years. But if I wanted to buy it now I would have to buy it second hand. I personally think the vintage designer bags ar cooler. With the odd exception of course. But these shoppers are the perfect everyday size and I love the monogram print.

Lets also not forget, unisex sizing/clothing. I am wearing all unisex clothing in this outfit. My jacket and jumper are both a medium which is a little big on me but I like it!

Wearing looser cuts allowed for layering and playing with silhouettes in different ways. Not to mention it’s just very comfortable! I think a baggy look when dressed up with the right accessories can look very ‘put together.’
it’s all in how its styled and I think nice jewellery, sunglasses and a cute handbag takes it up a level.

Will you be wearing clashing prints and unisex clothing this spring?

Shop the Levis x Pokemon collection here. 

Shop my jumper here.

My bag is vintage Fendi. Find similar here. 

Shop my sneakers here. (my colour is sold out sorry)

My Sunglasses are Off White mine are sold out but here is similar.

Some items were gifted and affiliate links are used.