Today’s outfit post is basically my ideal outfit.

Quick strike trainers (aka rare-ish kicks), Supreme – for the skate/streetwear part of me.

PE Nation for the sporty side of me and it’s a skirt – for the girly part of me!

A tomboyish jacket to get cosy in but also smarten up my look.

A Coach handbag for the boojee (posh) side of me and fish nets and 90’s coloured lenses to keep that edge of cool and 90’s chic.

It’s a good outfit kind of day plus the suns out so basically I’m pretty happy!

Supreme is one of those brands that has always been hyped and obvious but still remained cool. I’ve been buying supreme for at least 8 years but only the occasional piece here or there. I worked in a skate shop at uni, have a lot of skater mates, can build a deck and vaguely skate so yeah there’s a skate reason to why I like the brand… I am not a skater though no! My love for the brand flickers due to the hype surrounded by it and the re-sell aspect to it’s culture these days. Kids line up every Thursday so they can spend hundreds – thousands of pounds on pieces just to shoot them once and resell them. I actually now buy older pieces rather than new usually and I’m all about finding them at good prices – I’m sure everyone is. But some people will pay anything just to have something to show off – that’s not me. I bought the top in these shots at Crepe City for £30 – which is less than retail!

The trainers I’m wearing are the Nike Air Max 1 ‘Sport Red’ Air Max Day Anniversary Pack from JD Sports. Having so manyyy trainers and a lot of Air Max there aren’t a tone that I’m after but not having a pair of Sport Red has been something I’ve wanted to change for a long time! The tongue features ‘3.26’ which was the date of Air Max Day this year. It’s the little details like that, that make a pair of trainers for me.

The combination of brands today is something I aspire to everyday. A mix of high end, street, sportswear and high street is the perfect mix for me personally. I’m not about high end hype head to toe but I’m always not about high street head to toe either.

Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters

Jacket – Uniqlo

Tee – Supreme NYC

Skirt – PE Nation

Trainers – Air Max 1 @ JD Sports Shop more HERE too.

Tights – ASOS

Shop at Shoe Embassy now.