Oi there’s a new brand in town and you are going to want it all.

When it comes to slogan tees, sometimes everyone gets a bit bored, but not for long. Everyone from Christopher Shannon to Moschino and Ashish have made a success out of comical rip offs. Now there’s a whole brand based around the idea straight out of South London, and they’re on the money.

There have been hundreds of brands like this pop up over the years but usually they only have one or two slogans that works. Oi Boy have tapped right into modern culture with a slight 90s inspiration (very on trend) and nailed it so far. With their Darling (Carling), NOS (NHS), Yoots (Boots) and Rapper (Kapper) tees just to name a few really doing the rounds on the internet already.

Shop – http://www.oiboy.club

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Skirt – Vintage

Socks – Monki

Shoes – Victoria Shoes