Don’t get a tattoo you will regret it when you are older…

They said that to me over 12 years ago, guess what? I don’t regret it and I have lots more.

I still dress very similar to when I was a teenager, obviously a more matured and stylish version of my teen self…but I still like the same things. I still like Punk Rock music, trainers (far too many), biker jackets, bikes, bikers…choker necklaces, studs, skulls, flames… YOU GET THE IDEA RIGHT!?

Basically I’m a rocker and I am never going to change, it’s in my heart and soul, that emo childhood, singing along to  Underoath and Fall Out Boy, clipping my fringe to one side and wearing all the colours of skinny jeans that Criminal Damage sold at Blue Banana (only relevant outside of London really).

So today’s outfit post, be that some what of a full editorial… and I’m quite proud of it to be honest… is dedicated to that. This GCDS tee represents quite a lot of my favourite rock cliches; skulls, flames and arm prints ala band merch style.

Also my New Found Glory tee…ah what a TEE though hey! I’ve just been to see them play at the 02 Forum, Kentish Town for their 20 year anniversary tour. 20 YEARS! It was pretty much amazing, singing a long to my childhood anthems, and everything is so positive with NFG even negative songs are positive… Pop Punk is up beat isn’t it…

Also an important part of this blog I have to mention is the god damn fantastic black bag. It’s just a big black bag with pockets but I can tell you, as someone with a lot of bags it’s been damned hard to find! A big but not too big, over the shoulder, black tote with pockets thats vaguely rain proof is what I’ve sadly been dreaming of for years…
I’m sure you can relate to be honest, and damn I’m so happy I found you baby… my new Herschel tote baby… haha.

There’s a baby blue version of the bag on sale here – Herschel 

And the black one is available here: Herschel

Trainers are ASOS WHITE x Reebok. 

Jumper is a custom GCDS x YR Store but you can buy similar here.

Trousers are by Blood Brother, buy similar here.

New Found Glory tee available on their current tour. Buy similar here. 

Inside the beautiful Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch.