2020 was the year we saw a remake of the iconic NIKE Air Max 90 Infrared.

Did you buy a pair? These are my 2010 pair.

The infrared colourway is one I am very fond of and I have a few various iterations but these are my favourite.
I didn’t buy a new pair in 2020 because I just didn’t think I needed to, as I already own a wearable pair. I also bought these second hand on eBay in 2011/12.

As someone who tries to be more conscious in my decisions these days the constant need to keep up with sneaker drops is exhausting. Re-wearing old pairs not only shows your love of the industry and it’s history but it is more sustainable.
Don’t get me wrong I buy pairs too but if you already have it, and they are wearable maybe think twice about the purchase. Obviously, we sneakerheads know it’s because we might not get another chance. If I didn’t have other similar pairs it would maybe have been harder to hold back.

And when will they re-release them again? It’s something that we don’t often know and obviously, I understand if you love a model why you would buy another pair so you have them for the future and don’t miss the opportunity when you decide to stop wearing the old pair or they become unwearable.
I don’t over wear this pair as I want to keep them for many years to come.
No, they are not plant-based, yes they have leather and suede. But they were bought second hand on eBay many years ago, which is a more sustainable option.

Do you think about sustainability when you buy sneakers? Is it something you care about? I don’t belive we can always be sustainable but I do think it’s an important conversation to have with yourself before buying things; do I really like them? Do I need them? Do I have another similar pair? If I get these would I sell/donate an old pair? etc…
If you have followed me for some time you will know my decisions are based on a tick list which includes trying to tick one of these; sustainability, eco-friendly, plant-based, inclusive, conscious, aesthetically meets my needs, in line with my personality, authentic. I can’t always tick every box! We either do nothing or something with our decisions. It’s that simple. We can’t always do everything.
Anyway, I like air max… You do you.