I love my hair, style and myself and you should love yourself too!

So today’s post is all about my fabulous new hair and the fabulous outfit I wore to get it done.

I’m having a self love moment and I don’t care, you should totally love yourselves too guys. Sorry if it’s vain but it’s actually just a moment of appreciation because 4 years ago I was so self deprecating and unaware of my own worth it’s crazy to look back!

I’ve always known what I liked and been a strong character with a strong personality but at the same time timid, shy and unconfident. A strange mix right? Not really, the world causes us so many set backs it can be hard to know what is a normal way to feel.
I’m ‘gifted dyslexic’ which means my IQ in certain subjects is way above average but I struggled to read and write at the same time; fairly frustrating.

Anyway there’s a big blog post coming in collaboration with Mind Charity all about that soon. For now I’m just touching on that to explain my own awkwardness to you. We all have our stories and reasons for the way life has shaped us.

If you watch my ‘Lukcy’ videos you will understand a lot more about what I’m personally talking about.

These days I’m honestly the best version of myself and always looking to learn and improve. I’ve never been happier or more confident than now. I’ve found myself in so many ways and I appreciate everything I have and everything I have been through to get here. I appreciate the people around me and the people who give me incredible opportunities and believe in me.

Appreciation of what you have is the best advice I can give you; work with what you have! That however does not mean ‘settling’ either. If you aren’t 100% fulfilled in your job, relationships, maybe hobbies etc… Then it is time to do something about it BUT, first, think about what is GOOD.

So maybe you love your job but your personal or love life isn’t perfect. Appreciate the job and how amazing it is that you have that part of your life where you want it and then look at slowly changing the personal side. It’s small steps, make one day a week to have plans with friends, or one day a week to go to the gym for yourself. Or go on that date you have been thinking about…whatever it is take it slow and remember how awesome everything else is in your life and it will all start to come together.

You attract what you put out, be that people who are like minded, jobs etc…
So if you are self loathing you will attract those people, if you don’t know what job you want you will probably attract ones you still don’t want unless your mind set is; lets try this and enjoy the process, lets meet that person who loves themselves as much as I love myself etc…
You are a magnet and things and people are drawn to you depending on that time in your life, as you change so do the things you attract so make sure to change for the better and you will attract what you really want in life. It’s amazing trust me!

So anyway for a few months now I’ve been going to get my hair done at Blue Tit Salons. I trusted a tattooed punk named Chris to chop all my hair off into a bob and I LOVE IT. I’ve also gone back to embracing pastel hair colours, as you may know if you follow me I’ve had silver hair for a couple of years but before that it was pink and before that well I’ve done it alllll and wow some of it was bad! But you live and learn haha.

I’ve learnt silvers and pastel tones really suit me and make me feel great, so Charly Brady at Blue Tit’s new Crouch Hill Salon has created this lilac to pink number on my skull. Along with a sharp cut from Co-Owner Chris Merrick and I feel like a pink, punk, princess ready to take over fashion week then slip out to a mosh pit.
I’m ready for whatever the world has for me with a metal hand in the air and a choker round my neck… I feel like I’ve created some kind of super hero character… in my head I’m totally a bad ass cartoon super hero… See guys I’m just a geek, I’m not ‘cool’ at all!

My dress is a little girly for me, don’t you think? BUT I love it and to make it more ‘me’ I’ve teamed it with Red Wing Women’s Mock Toe Boots – ready to crush skulls…

My necklace is from the new Karl Largerfeld collection and my choker well that’s Claire’s Accessories because who on earth does them better? I’m true to my self style since 1998…

My necklace will be out soon: https://www.karl.com/gb/women/jewellery

Here’s some similar pieces to recreate my look and I hope you go out and appreciate yourself today!


Photos by Doris Himmelbauer