I’m not a big trend follower, as such. But as I work in fashion it is fun to see what happens each year as trends start to be predicted and/or grow.

I won’t jump on any or all trends, but if one already fits my aesthetic then that’s fun! And sometimes new trends come out and I want to give them a go. I believe fashion is all about having fun and feeling good.

Shop your own wardrobe: I try to go into my closet to create looks rather than always shopping for something new and if I do I always try to thrift it first.

Here’s one of the 2022 trends I am loving:

Cargo everything: cargo trousers, cargo skirts, cargo jackets etc. 

I’ve been wearing this one for a long time anyway, on and off since I was a teen! But I love how it’s going HARD this season.

Baggier silhouettes have been on the rise again for the past couple of years and now we are heavily in the early 2000s cargo era again. Think everything from Mosher Baggy Cargo Jeans to Baggy Hip Hop Cargo trousers and Rave Trousers with tassels.

Here’s a couple of pairs I’ve been wearing recently from iconic 2000’s brand UFO.

I found them on eBay and Depop.

Image by Melina Lautenschlager


Here’s a pair I have my eye on at the moment from Urban Outfitters, Shop Here.


Cargo skirts are having a major moment right now.

Here are some from a super cool brand called Tunnel Vision from the States and another I found on Depop.


Here’s one from Urban Outfitters I’m loving, Shop Here.

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