I’ve moved house 9 times in 7 years, and when I had to again I was really dreading it as you can imagine!

Being a fashion stylist and blogger – I have a lot of stuff which is part of the nature of my job. I’m sent products to use in shoots and to review. I try to get rid whenever I can and I give a lot to charity, family and friends when I don’t need it anymore. But still – I have a lot of stuff!

So I enlisted the help of Fantastic Services who I found online. Full disclosure – the process was gifted.

They offer a range of services, including packaging to help you move, packing and physically moving you from one house to another.

You can book via their site, app and over the phone. I would recommend ringing up to make sure all your specific details are taken over the phone and then using the app to track the progress etc.

I can’t recommend having a firm help you enough – especially if you have a lot to move, including furniture like I did.

The boxes were incredibly useful too. They have ‘wardrobe boxes’ which have rails inside so you can just pick up for items on your rails and put them in the box! SO EASY! Check the images below to see them.

The guys who helped were really nice, even though I had so much stuff!! They were really helpful and I really appreciated having the service. Like I say this one was gifted, but previously I have paid for similar companies who were nowhere near as good.

I would definitely pay to use them again.

You can use my code to get £10 off your order.

I hope that’s useful!