I get asked about colours a lot when it comes to styling and my piece of advice is ‘balance.’ Anyone can wear colour but it’s just about how you apply it to your outfit. The simplest and most sophisticated way, even if you’re being casual, is to wear a monochrome outfit but add in one pop of colour. And my favourite place to do that is at the feet!

These simple air max bring a pop of colour to my outfit. It’s not too crazy but it brightens up and otherwise obvious look. A bent peak cap always makes me feel like I’m off to a baseball game in America, and I’m way cooler than I actually am…. haha!

By adding in layers like the jacket tied around my waist I’m not only synching in my waist but I’m breaking up my look to add a point of interest and detailing. By keeping this all black and white it means I can go a bit mad with prints without it looking too messy.

Tee – Octopus Brand

Cap – Benjamin Prince

Jacket – Kappa

Socks – Primark

Trainers – Nike (buy them on my Depop! Search for ‘Kitty Cowell’)