So today I’m wearing one of my favourite metal bands tee-shirts; Metallica. Yes it is fashionable to wear metal shirts right now, but I can honestly tell you I’ve been wearing band shirts like this since I was about 11. So now I’m just kind of ‘in fashion,’ I guess that’s cool…

So another thing about me is I’m two sided – streetwear on one side and rock chick on the other and I think todays outfit post kind of shows both pretty well. A leather jacket, with a Stussy fleece, a band tee and adidas trainers, oh and of-course a choker to finish the deal.

Kitty Cowell

I met up with photographer and all round northen rad dude Tom Joy to shoot this look. We have been internet buddies watching each others work for ages! And finally we managed to catch a bowl of cereal (at the Cereal Killer Cafe) and go for a wonder around my haunt of East London to snap some shots too. As you can see he’s a very ace photographer and some how managed to make me look vaguely alright which is always nice!

This might sound silly, but going back to my half rock chick, half streetwear vibe, I am always trying to keep the balance. I don’t like to be too rock chick or too streetwear on most days. I like to have just enough of a hint of both to feel good about how I look. I also like to feel a touch girly, and here I did that with my make up. I decided to go for a strong pink eye shadow look as that’s not usual and I wanted to experiment. I know that becuase I’m pale and I have green eyes that warm colours suit me. Or at least bring out my eye colour well. I usually go for browns and golden/orangey tones to achieve this but I decided I wanted to try something similar but that I have’t done before.

My sister bought me the Laroc ‘Beginners Collection’ eyeshadow palette for Christmas so I used the pink’s in that mixed with another pink from the Illamasqua ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’ Palette to achieve the look. I finished it with a Rimmel Liquid Eye Liner and Bourjois Volume Reveal Mascara.

I’ll keep exploring make up and sharing it through the blog for sure! Even though I’m not about to start wearing full on make up looks everyday, it’s so much fun to play and learn. I use Youtube a lot that’s for sure…haha!

Jacket – Urban Outfitters

Vest – Amplified x Metallica

Fleece – Stussy

Jeans – American Eagle

Trainers – adidas x Sneakers n Stuff ‘Stockholm GTX Pack’

Watch – Rotary

Sunglasses – Komono

Kitty CowellKitty Cowell

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