I’m feeling very early 2000’s in this look today, Xtina and TLC watch out!

This look is a mixture of mostly Kat Von D and 3ina make up, with the inclusion of my a couple of others.

The new 3ina ‘Just For Fun’ collection in collaboration with designer Clio Peppiatt (who is amazing yall!) is very late 90’s early 200’s.

Today I’m trying out the new pearlescent highlighter in baby pink and their matt purply lipstic which is also kind of pearlescent / metallic! V 00’s vibes.

I’m also trying out the amazing Kat V Don Lock It Foundation and Matt Metal Pallet which are both insane! The pigment on the eye shadows is incredibly strong and sits well all day. I’m so in love with her make up.

Along with that I’m wearing:

Kat Von D ‘Lock It’ Foundation and her insane Matt Metal eyeshadow pallet.

Nyx Matt Liquid Eyeliner


Gosh Growth Mascara.

Do you like these make up inspirations I do? Let me know on here or my instagram.

It’s all cruelty free to! Plus the Gosh and Kat Von D products are Vegan.