Dear Diary, today I want to be Gwen Stefani’s answer to make up instagrammers…

So what I’m trying to say is I’m doing my best to try do these make up/beauty image posts for my blog and instagram, but I want to make them cool like Gwen Stefani. Cos she’s my style icon duh…

I secretly admire all these air brushed, perfect, make up instagrammers. It’s like a whole new thing, the lighting, the make up skills etc… I have a lot of make up artist friends too, and I’ve personally been a bit obsessed with make up since I was a teenager. I’m not amazing but I like to try out techniques and learn.

I’m just having fun, it’s all a laugh and a journey but I like creating and trying out new things.

So for this look I decided I wanted to be cute, and girly but also a little bit 90’s / early 00’s bad ass…

I like playing with bold eye colours, and warm tones always suit me as I have green eyes, it makes them pop. So I decided to try an orange and pink look.

I recently received an awesome palette and some brushes from the babes at Swiitch Beauty in South Africa. I received their Unicorn Sauce Palette which is fulllll of amazing bold colours. I used it to create the bellow look, starting with a pink tone and blending it around my eye crease and adding the bold orange colour to the center of my lid. I kept it really simple using just two colours from the palette and then adding a lighter, shimmery pink from the same palette to my inner eye. So 3 colours in total were used from the pallet.

For the rest of my look:

I used NYX Liquid Liner

Bourjois Lipstick

Urban Decay Mascara

Bourjois Foundation applied using this Swiitch Beauty brush.

Highlight, Bronze and Blusher by Collection, applied using this Swiitch Beauty brush.

Thanks for checking this out… come hit up my instagram and leave me some feedback!