Make up bloggers, beauty instagrammers and beauty Youtubers are coming out of the woodworks here there and everywhere aren’t they?

My friends kids are now on Youtube doing make up – how the hell is that a thing!? I’m not old enough…

Anyway I’m a blogger and I like make up so I am trying to get better at documenting it and taking pictures to do proper make up blogs for you all… I hope that’s of some interest. To be honest though, I enjoy it so eat my shorts if you don’t hahahah.

Instead of the usual here’s a nice glossy look I did type of make up looks, I’m going to try really hard to push the art boundaries a little bit more and be slightly fun / even editorial if I can manage it. we all have to have goals guys!

So today’s look is all about arty, messy, fun liner. This is an edgy dear I say it, editorial look, but it would also work well at a festival or just at a punk rock show … or fashion week, yep definitely LFW!


Here’s what inspired me:


So I’ve kept my skin and lips simple and focussed on the eyes with bold turquoise painted on liner and a layer of glitter liner above to make it fun. (The unicorn in me wants a way out, I’m testing the way).

I went for smudgey, messy thick lines with the turquoise liner as if a kid did it, because I think that gives it a relaxed vibe, sometimes not being perfect is just, perfect. I like the idea that I used a crayola crayon. But that would probably bring me out in a rash so I went for actual make up and used that idea as inspo.’

Buy the products:

The turquoise liner is just Miss Sporty! it’s really good and super inexpensive. It’s mostly sold out, but you can shop it here: Miss Sporty Studio Lash Colour Eyeliner. 

The glitter eye liner is again super inexpensive from Collection 2000, I looked everywhere for something like this and this was the best I found! Collection Glam Crystals Gel Eyeliner.

You can sue any glossy lip balm for your lips. I like Elizabeth Arden. 

My mascara is Rimmel Scandal Eyes.