The current trend/embracing of body hair is cool as hell.

I wish that was the case growing up for me, I would have felt less awkward and uncomfortable knowing its ‘normal.’

As a teenager when myself and my peers started to go through puberty, we were obviously all different in our experiences. I didn’t know that was normal either. If my friends’ experience was different from mine, I just felt odd. I’m very pale, and when I started to get body hair it was a mix of blond and very dark, coarse hairs.


In the ‘normal’ areas I got a lot of hair, it was all dark and thick, like my underarms. Plus my skin is very sensitive so I would get shaving rash and ingrowing hairs which I was so embarrassed about.

So basically I could either be hairy, or rashy. And like I say if you are into keeping your hair, that’s rad. I personally like to be smooth, which has always been quite unachievable.

On top of that, I felt chubby and didn’t have the ‘perfect’ washboard tummy and I was totally obsessed with getting one… I’ve now happily realised we don’t all need a ripped tummy, and yes mine is pretty good these days. but as you can see when I sit down, it’s not flat and that’s OK! I have a womb… We are all different and I’m glad I know that these days.

I remember one sports day being so embarrassed as I had forgotten to shave my armpits, and honestly, after a few days, I would be mega hairy! And I was convinced the teeshirt I wore was baggy so you could see my pits… I wanted to die the whole time. I wasn’t even wearing a vest, it was a tee and I was still ashamed!

When it came to bikinis I would always try and find ones with more coverage or shorts as bottoms! I also took to fake tanning as I felt like it would cover up the shaving rash more than my pale skin would… It was all so much effort, stress and anxiety!

At age 18 I had some savings and I found out about laser and I went and spent all my money on getting my bikini line done. It changed my life massively. I had been wanting to have more done for years when I was approached by Pulse Light Clinic.

They offered me some different treatments they have, and I chose laser hair removal. We topped up my bikini like, and then started on my legs and now I am having my underarms done.

It’s been amazing! I don’t need to shave every other day now. My legs have had 6 sessions and I hardly get any hairs on them now, and the ones I do are super light. Apart from the areas where I have tattoos, unfortunately, you can’t have those done. But that’s my fault!

Having my underarms is seriously liberating for me. My armpits would get so rashy when I shaved and I had to do it at least every other day if I wanted to be smooth. And shaving that much just caused me more rashes.

I can finally wear vests all the time and it’s amazing! Also, no more cover-up bikinis if I don’t want them. Honestly, when you have felt trapped and needing to cover up in summer most of your life.. and never being comfortable to wear a strappy top for more than 1 day a week (because if I over shaved I would have a rash and if I didn’t shave I would be hairy after two days).

Like I’ve mentioned the liberation of female body hair is also making me feel MUCH better. If I do have some hair now I know it’s normal and frankly, other people can get over it.


I’m going to continue with my armpits but after only 3 sessions it’s made a HUGE difference.

It does hurt – it’s like very short sharp bursts of quick pain, a bit like a tattoo needle but doesn’t last as long. It’s over SO quickly so, to be honest, it doesn’t hurt that much as it doesn’t last! It is normal to be red after, for about 12/24 hours is usually how long it lasts on me.

Using the Alexandrite & ND: YAG Gentle Max Pro by Syneron Candela laser hair removal treatments can reduce ingrowing hairs massively. It is suitable for all skin types, both men and women (aged over 18 only). Not only are ingrown hairs painful and irritating but the red spots and bumps can be embarrassing and affect our self-esteem. Just like it did with me.

These sessions are gifted to me by Pulse Light Clinic.

The Bikini I am wearing is from Volcom and is made using recycled plastic & fishing nets. *ECONYL® regenerated nylon is produced by recycling lost fishnets and other discarded nylons. The Italian ECONYL® yarn is 100% recycled and recyclable. And it’s part of their Simply Inked digitally printed collection, using less water. Water is saved by printing the ink directly on the fabric instead of going through the conventional water-intensive screen printing process. How cool is that!?

(Gifted bikini)