The London Tattoo Convention is always a fun part of the year for me, have you been?

It happens every September in Tobacco Dock, where all the geeks and freaks of the tattoo world unite including me…

It’s always fun for me, not just as a tattoo collector / fan but also because I have a lot of friends in the industry so I often get to see people I haven’t seen in ages.

So if you haven’t been before the place is a bit of a maze, corridor after corridor is filled with tattoo stands with artists showing off their work and tattooing people. There are also art galleries and stages with bands and performers including people like The Fuel Girls and artists like God Machine.

God Machine is an old friend of mine, I used to live in South Wales for 6 years, which is where he is from and it was a pleasure to see him and his wife Alex after a good 5 or so years. He’s an incredible artist working for Rock bands, Clothing companies etc and he recently designed a legendary Kid Robot ‘Dunny.’

God Machine (Aziz) and wife Alex and some of his work below.





Some more of the art gallery section:


Some of the Tattoo work on display at stands:

Richie from Forever True Liverpool.

Sang Bleu is one of my favourite tattoo shops in London, their artists are incredible.

Beadesaurus is always one of my favourite shop stalls to go to, they have cute but creepy homewear, hello kitty items and punk rock kids wear!

Chris and I from UK Custom Plugs.
They have a really amazing range of ear tunnels and plugs and also sell awesome jewellery, patches and clothing. Their attention to detail in everything they make is next level, you can tell by their display set ups for the Tattoo convention below!


Hopefully the above has given you a good insight into the convention. There’s always drinks in the evenings with music and just a general gathering of good people and laughs.

Basically if you have the chance you should 100% go to the London Tattoo Convention.