On the last day of London Fashion Week AW17 I wore a fun, smart but casual outfit. My jacket and trainers bought the fun and fashion-y edge but the rest of my outfit remained cool and casual.

Layering has really become a signature to my looks lately and todays version is through tights and ripped jeans. This trend has been happening for quite a while and I’ve been doing it for ages personally but todays is a little bit different to usual. The tights I’m wearing aren’t your usual fishnets which have been at the forefront of this trend. These are an exaggerated, larger version which I thought would be fun to try.

What do you guys think about this trend? I like textures and so for me this is a fun way to mix them up and give a little edge to an obvious look.

I’m pictured here with Tatjana who is also a fashion blogger on our way from The Apartment during LFW.


Wearing :

Tee – Supreme

Jacket – Lost Ink

Jeans – Forver 21

Tights – ASOS

Trainers – Puma x Alife

Bag – Ebay

Images by Yasmin at COMB for The Apartment.