On day four I headed to some shows and the Natasha Zinko presentation was my main priority because I know I would love it. Her take on the 80’s was like walking back in time, as i entered the room it was like a time capsule but with a very cute, pastel theme. Songs like ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ played as the models danced and we all mooched around the room to see the designs, whilst casually boogying when we felt appropriate too.

I also spent some of the day at The Apartment eating, having my hair done, answering work emails etc. The Apartment have an in-house photography team plus a collaborating street style team who have been capturing my outfits all week called Comb. Comb is a fashion app where you can create shopping lists to share on social media and on your blog with your followers to show them where you got certain outfits or just what collections are in your neeeeed list right now. I’m going to do a whole blog post about The Apartment so look out for that one soon…


Jacket – ASOS Menswear

Tee – Homage Tees

Trousers – Blood Brother

Shoes – Vans

Hair by Moira Borg for Priv at The Apartment

Photos by Yasmin at Comb